Nicholas G. Napolio


About Me

I am a Ph.D. student in political science at the University of Southern California. I am also affiliated with the Bedrosian Center's Political Institutions and Political Economy (PIPE) Collaborative.

I am broadly interested in political institutions, bureaucracy, public administration, and LGBTQ+ politics. Specifically, I study the political ramifications of institutional structures and procedures, and how the vertically and horizontally fragmented American political system enables or constrains elite preferences and structures relationships between such elites. Additionally, I study the distributive effect of political processes across groups.

Some of my ongoing projects examine state resistance to federal policy, the relationship between state and federal bureaucrats, and elite attitudes and behavior with respect to salient social and political issues. My research has been published in Politics, Groups, and Identities and State Politics & Policy Quarterly. Please find my publications and replication files in the Research tab above.

You may download my C.V. here and contact me here.

Photo: Kallman and McKinnell's winning design for Boston's City Hall (1962).